Venetian Blinds

If you are looking to add a sleek and bold look to your house, then our Venetian Blinds are a good option. These blinds can withstand of any amount of abuse. They are good for insulation and obstruction of light.

Newyork Venetian Blinds  ( Polyester Based ) 

NewYork is a Polystyrene based slat system designed for use in the manufacture of wood look-alike blinds having either a 50mm or 63mm slat width. Polystyrene based slat products have been well proven over a long time to have amongst the best performance in Australian conditions. They are suitable for use in all areas of the home or office, including wet areas.
The unique grain effect is created through photographic imaging of real veneer, which is then indelibly printed onto the surface of the profiles using a stabilized ink transfer technology called foiling. This creates the most realistic grain structures possible using a polystyrene base material. The imprint is permanent and highly stable.

Tuscany Venetian Blinds ( PVC Based ) 

TUSCANY has several features that provide competitive advantage over other PVC based systems sold by
competitors in Australia. Tuscany has been specially developed to better handle typical Australian
conditions, through its unique high temperature chemical formulation and co-extrusion production

While Tuscany is a high quality product, like any plastic slat product, it can have some limitations in extreme
conditions. It is not recommended that very dark colours be installed into windows that receive full sun and
where the temperature exceeds the Tuscany rating of 55°C. Tuscany offers a contemporary color palette
with some 50mm slat available in smooth and embossed and 63mm slat in smooth only.

Tuscany are that it is highly suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

Tuscany can be immersed in water and easily cleaned with a mild detergent. It can also be sanitized and disinfected for approval in hospitals and medical centres.

Tuscany is FIRE RETARDANT (testing to AS 1530). This product is environmentally friendly.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds 

We offers two different systems for Aluminium Venetians (Slimlines). We have the Softline system (25mm) and the Classic 50system (50mm). Both these systems are now using the world famous Aluminium Slat and Head rail and Bottom rail.

The Softline system has a unique curved headrail, providing a sleek and contemporary look and feel. Softline has a combined cord lock and tilting mechanism, so the blind can be rotated from fully open to fully closed with only a few turns of the wand.