Your window treatments are an investment in your home.With a combination of automatic, flexibility and convenience, Motorized Roller Blinds are now much more affordable.

Motorized blinds let you control the amount of light in a room at the push of a button.

Silver Blinds offers various ultra modern motorized blinds  to suit a diverse range of window configurations and budgets for residential and commercial window frames.

Our motorized blinds are easy to install and compatible with Building Management Systems ( BMS ), and they provide a wide selection of controls for increased flexibility and choice.

Our motors are from leading automation manufacturers of :

  • Somfy
  • Becker
  • Blindsware

Motor type:

Hard wired 240V Motor

They are more powerful motor suitable for larger Blinds and when you want to link 2 or more blinds together.These will require connection to 240 volt AC power.

These motors have a built in radio receiver that receives instructions from a battery operated remote control .

CBUS Compatible 240V Motor

These powerful motors don’t  have built in radio receivers and don’t come with remote controls. They are designed to be hardwired and operated via 3 position wall switch or connected to a Building Management Systems ( BMS ) like CBUS etc.

Battery Operated Motors 

These motors are battery controlled and require NO electrical work. They are suitable for small and medium size Blinds.

They also have a built in radio receiver that operates from a Remote Control.

Sonesse  motor ( Quiet Sound Series )

These motors are new acoustic standard motor for interior window covering.

They reduce the impact of noise on interior environments where motorized blinds are used.